How to Create a Workplace Culture That Attracts (and Retains) TOP Talent

Corporate culture is more than shiny foosball tables and Friday fireside chats. It’s more than a weekly happy hour in the office or an office getaway. While those things all seem pretty great, what is corporate culture anyway? Corporate culture is built upon a value system; a company’s beliefs, values, ethics and method of working. […]

How can a group benefits plan help my employees?

So a new employee joins the team. Their job is ultimately to help you, but what about the other way around? Healthcare is the number one benefit employees look for in a potential employer. In fact, 77% of respondents say they wouldn’t move to a job that didn’t include health benefits. When you provide an […]

What (good) candidates look for in an employer

“Employees don’t leave companies; they leave managers.” This statement circulates frequently in HR circles and because of that, it’s hard not to take it personally when an employee leaves your company. And oftentimes, it comes down to more than just a salary. You could be the best manager on the planet, but the truth is […]

How to protect your small business from the unexpected

As an owner of a small business, your world is constantly challenged with risk. Competitors and regulators. Supply and demand. Your business’s success depends on your ability to react to forces beyond your control. This isn’t news to any small business owner who’s managed to stay solvent. But how do you protect yourself against events […]